Mergers & Acquisitions

DH Capital represents buyers, sellers, and investors in merger and acquisition transactions in the Internet infrastructure, telecommunications, and SaaS industries. The firm’s extensive contacts and research capabilities ensure that before any transaction commences, clients are well-informed about likely valuation ranges, potential interested parties, the conduct of the sale process, and the length of time before a transaction should be completed.

The principals at DH Capital have proven and effective M&A capabilities. After defining the scope and objectives of individual clients, DH Capital designs and executes a specific plan to achieve these goals. Our job is to make a difficult process manageable and worthwhile by negotiating transactions that acknowledge and reward the time, talent and capital invested in the business over the years.


The decision to sell is probably the most important decision the owners of a company will ever make. It is a difficult business decision, colored by financial, marketing, legal and tax questions. It is also a difficult personal decision under any circumstances. We fully appreciate the sensitive business and personal issues involved when a company changes hands. Everything we do is directed at addressing these issues and completing the transaction successfully, with as little disruption as possible throughout the process.


Companies who are looking to grow routinely assess strategic acquisitions. Acquisitions are an effective avenue to increase market share, expand product/service lines, generate economies of scale, as well as strengthen a company’s competitive position. While the benefits of an acquisition program seem expansive, acquisitions can also be risky endeavors. DH Capital possesses the requisite experience to assist companies in exploring their acquisition options and to assist in successfully executing a consolidation strategy.