Mergers & Acquisitions

DH Capital represents buyers, sellers, and investors in merger and acquisition transactions in the Internet infrastructure, telecommunications, and SaaS industries. The firm’s extensive contacts and research capabilities ensure that before any transaction commences, clients are well-informed about likely valuation ranges, potential interested parties, the conduct of the sale process, and the length of time before a transaction should be completed.

Private Capital Placement

As the private placement agent, we facilitate the placement process from beginning to end. Our services include structuring the transaction, preparing a summary of terms and a placement memorandum, devising a marketing strategy, contacting investors to market the financing, negotiating final terms with investors, and expediting documentation and closing.

Financial Advisory

Corporate managers, buy-out funds, and entrepreneurs rely upon DH Capital to execute targeted auction sales of their businesses. Our two decades of experience enables us to compress timelines and achieve efficient, timely closings at premium valuations.

Operational Consulting

The extensive and varied experience that exists in-house at DH Capital provides the firm with the ability to assist clients with both the fine-tuning of their businesses on a day-to-day level and with the larger strategic challenges that face many companies.

Financial Restructuring

Sometimes a company will do everything in its power to improve its operating performance, but still be unable to pay all existing debts in a timely manner or a company may simply “hit a wall” financially. When such conditions exist, the management team needs to consider the various alternatives that exist to restructure its debts.