Workout, Bankruptcy, Turn-Around Consulting

Sometimes a company will do everything in its power to improve its operating performance, but still be unable to pay all existing debts in a timely manner or a company may simply “hit a wall” financially. When such conditions exist, the management team needs to consider the various alternatives that exist to restructure its debts.

DH Capital has experience assisting companies under two of the most common scenarios: an out-of-court workout settlement or a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization that is done through the Bankruptcy Court system.

Under either of these scenarios, DH Capital has the experience and expertise to help a company:

  • Select the restructuring method best for the unique circumstances of the company
  • Assist in developing a realistic restructuring plan that the company can afford, and that is designed to gain the approval of the company’s lenders and trade creditors
  • Raise new capital to help finance the company’s plan
  • Negotiate with the company’s lenders and trade creditors

DH Capital has also assisted with turning around under performing and/or financially distressed companies by providing workable solutions and strategic planning. The DH Capital team has extensive hands-on experience to assist the client in the following areas:

  • Assessing the viability of the company
  • Designing comprehensive turnaround business plans
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the company & its management
  • Managing cash flow and creating profit enhancement initiatives
  • Rapid identification of areas of loss, developing and, if requested, implementing cost reduction programs
  • Optimizing assets to improve liquidity and analyzing the value of collateral
  • Attracting new capital funding from debt and/or equity sources
  • Developing alternative strategies for dealing with creditors
  • Providing interim management services or placement