Co-Founder & Managing Director

Joe is the Co-Founder and Chairman of DH Capital, LLC. Joe has more than 20 years of experience providing financing and advising companies in the Target Industries. Prior to founding DH Capital in 2001, Joe was a Partner with Waller Capital Corporation (1993-2001), which was a leading investment bank serving the cable television industry. While at Waller Capital, in addition to completing several billion dollars of transactions and capital placement assignments for cable television companies, Joe broadened the firm’s industry expertise to include other telecom sectors. In addition, Joe served as a General Partner in Waller-Sutton Media Partners, a $100 million private venture capital fund focused primarily on the Target Industries.

Prior to joining Waller Capital in 1993, Joe served as a corporate banker in the media and telecommunications groups of Credit Lyonnais (1990-1993), Toronto Dominion Bank (1988-1989) and NatWest USA (1985-1988), where he completed a formal credit training program. He also served as Vice President of The Denver Group, Inc. (1989-1990), an investment banking firm focused on brokerage transactions and debt placements for companies in the cable television and paging industries.

Joe currently serves on the board of Agilis Systems LLC, a provider of advanced solutions for monitoring and managing a mobile workforce using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Joe holds BS degrees in Finance and Computer Science from Boston College.

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